Our company has been operating in the table sector for more than 20 years. Our company, which started to produce its own designs in 2003, has marketed its own design products both in domestic and abroad.

Our company, which realized this production in the factory in China in 2003-2008 period, moved its production stage to Turkey as of 2008 and completely ended the import of table chairs in 2010 and passed 100% domestic production.
Batman and Diyarbakır factories are increasing capacity day by day. Our factory located in Organize Industrial Zone in Batman is based on an area of ​​7700 m2 and all works with computerized machines and modern production line system. Since all measurements of products are made with CNC control of delimits, we are getting closer to perfection every day.
Our second factory in Organize Industry Zone in Diyarbakir was established on 10.000 m2 area. In this factory, we produce especially chair related products. Sandalyenin A is produced from A to Z and can produce up to 800 sandals per day. We also work on office chairs, conference chairs, hotel and restaurant projects at the same time, producing all works including flooring, metal, nickel works without external support.
Our company which always keeps its institutionality in the foreground, works with ISO 9001/2008 system and aims to exceed international standards.
It is preferred by customers all over Turkey and in many countries with its bold designs that give way to the fashion, the trust it gives to its customers, its use at the highest level of the technology, its reliability after sale, and its regular price policy.
We know very well that as societies develop, the demand for quality increases. This is a very understandable requirement. Because we all have a house, we have a kitchen, we can use a maximum of 1 table in our kitchen, why not that chair is the best! This demand is becoming increasingly widespread, people are always looking for the best and the most beautiful, wanting to get away from the products that seem like their replicas. Here we shape this future with this consciousness.
With the provincial franchise system that we started putting into practice as of 2017, we create franchises that will have all our varieties in every country and every province. We are ready to transform the provincial franchisees into the spaces where the end consumers will find the quality and design they seek.
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